Natural Spring Water - Alkaline - High Quality Mineralized

Extremely Rare Water Source Property

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Water Quality

Independent analysis of the quality of the water indicates that this is a high quality mineralized water. The presence of a balanced mineral content and the alkaline pH indicates that this water can be considered a health product.

Multiple analyses were done by CARO Analytical Services, a leading and independent North American chemical analytical services company.

Another analysis of the water by Health Canada together with their written report has indicated that the water is very high-quality drinking water that can be used without any further filtration or treatment. This is a rare recommendation for any water source used for the production of bottled water.

This alkaline water was tested between pH7.9 to pH 8.1. This is the best type of water for use in bottled water products for human consumption. The human body maintains its pH level strictly at pH7.35. Thus Aquifer 232 water can be regarded as perfectly balanced for maintaining the natural alkalinity of the body. The importance of an alkaline diet is now being recognized by the medical community as a major factor in the prevention of many chronic diseases and disorders.

This water also has high dissolved calcium. Calcium is regarded as an essential food element. The Canadian RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for calcium is 1200mg per day. The dissolved calcium content of this water is around 150ppm (150mg/liter). Drinking 2 liters water per day would provide around 300mg of calcium, an important natural supplement to a healthy diet.

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The presence of abundant carbonate ions in this water is also important in buffering the alkaline pH of the water. Without the natural buffering effect of the carbonates, the water would rapidly become acidified though exposure to carbon dioxide in the air. This natural buffering of the water provides for substantial stability of the water in bottled products.

Very few natural spring or artesian waters are naturally alkaline and very few spring or artesian waters have an ideal mineral content. This water appears to be perfectly balanced in both alkaline and mineral content.

Microbiological analysis of the water did not detect any pathogenic microorganisms. However, regulatory guidelines in Canada stipulate that all bottled water products must be sterilized using UV or ozone during the bottling process.

Highlights of this water:
• Averaged pH8 in all tests (pH7.9 – pH8.1) - Alkaline Water
• High Strontium (8-9mg/L)makes this water very rare and unique
• High Calcium (136-150mg/L)
• Ideal mineral content.

A local consultant inspected this water source and compared its water to other major water brands. He said: The comparison supports the claim that this water is a very high quality alkaline mineral drinking water, and could be marketed internationally as a major Canadian water product. Also this water is suitable for sale into the highest market sectors.

Note: Water sample ayalysis certificates are available on request.