Natural Spring Water - Alkaline - High Quality Mineralized

Extremely Rare Water Source Property

natural spring water source land for sale


The full flow rate of the drilled water source together with the approved license for the use of the water as a commercial drinking water product will allow for the production of 37.4 million 500ml bottles per annum. With the products produced from this water source marketed and distributed to the correct segment of the industry, a multimillion dollar water bottling business with a higher profit margin could be generated.

The existing buildings on site allow around 2,500 to 3,000 square foot of space for water production facilities and storage. This space is absolute minimum for the bottling facilities alone and will not allow for any water bottle storage. Temporary storage will be needed for empty bottles as well as for filled and packaged water bottle products. Additional building space of at least 5,000 square foot needs to be constructed to support an onsite water bottling facility. There appears to be sufficient land space available to do this on the existing property.

Water Source Land for Sale

The quality of the water in the drilled water well and all associated infrastructure and the location of the property are very well suited to the development of an on-site water bottling production business. At least 3 products could be developed – a still alkaline mineral water, a carbonated mineral water and a flavored mineral water all in 500ml PET bottles. These products could be marketed internationally to buyers seeking high quality water products from Canada.

The Drinking Water Evaluation report provided by the Interior Health Officer passed this water, the well and the proposed bottling system as a commercial water bottling operation.