Natural Spring Water - Alkaline - High Quality Mineralized

Extremely Rare Water Source Property

natural spring water source land for sale


This water source property is listed at $5,990,000 Canadian Dollars.

MLS Number: 10189743

The listing price includes the following:

1. Land of 19.3 acres

2. A drilled well (Identification Plate Number: 37536 by BC Ministry of Environment) with permanent water source located at a depth of around 150 feet.

3. Water License (for mineralized water bottling and distribution)

4. Two buildings (A 4-bedroom log house and a warehouse)

In inspector and consultant’s opinion, this water source is valued at CAD$3.5 million dollars.

List of documents available on request (Confidentiality Agreement needs to be signed first):

Aquifer Classification Worksheet, Reference Number 0232 – BC Ministry of the Environment

Certificate of Analysis, Water Sample Tappen - CARO Analytical Services

Evaluation of Drinking Water Source – Interior Health BC Canada

Conditional Water License – Province of British Columbia, Water Sustainability Act

Application to use a winery processing facility for commercial water bottle production – Agricultural Land Commission

Aquifer 232 Well Construction Report – Corey Drilling