Alkaline Water

This property already has a well drilled by a professional drilling contractor to the standards defined by Canadian and BC regulations. Permanent water flow of around 110 liters per minute was located at a depth of 150 to 160 feet. The aquifer containing the water appears to be artesian, a fully enclosed layer of consolidated gravel surrounded by a layer of dense clay that appears to be impervious.

It is likely that this artesian aquifer is feed by the precipitation catchment within the local valley. The presence of abundant ground water in the valley and onsite including the permanent stream, a natural surface spring water and the substantial precipitation in the area indicates that it is very likely that the drilled water source in the underground aquifer produces an unlimited supply of water at its current flow rate.

Analysis of the quality of the water taken from the drilled well indicates that it is high quality alkaline mineralized water. This is the best type of water for use in bottled water products for human consumption and will fit into the highest market sectors. The water was not available for tasting, but it appears from the analytical reports that it will not require any alteration to be a palatable drinking product. The presence of the minerals in the water and the alkaline pH indicates that this water can be considered a health product.

The full flow rate of the drilled water source together with the approved license for the use of the water as a commercial drinking water product will allow for the production of 37 million 500ml bottles per annum. With the products produced from this water source marketed and distributed to the correct segment of the industry, a multi-million dollar water bottling business with a higher profit margin will be generated.

The existing buildings on site allow around 2,500 to 3,000 square foot of space for water production facilities and storage. This space is absolute minimum for the bottling facilities alone and will not allow for any water bottle storage. Temporary storage will be needed for empty bottles as well as for filled and packaged water bottle products. Additional building space of at least 5,000 square foot needs to be constructed to support an onsite water bottling facility. There appears to be sufficient land space available to do this on the existing property.

The drilled water well on the property is a highly valuable asset. Underground (and enclosed) artesian aquifers of the type located on this property are very difficult to find. Additionally, the water within this well is alkaline and mineralized which is also uncommon. In combination, this well and its water are a rare commodity. The location of the property in a remote and non-industrialized region in the Canadian Rocky Mountains adds additional value to the water source. Alkaline, mineralized water sourced from a protected (underground) artesian aquifer is also a drinking water product that is highly valued in bottled water markets. Commercial operations creating alkaline mineral water from artesian aquifers in Canada have high commercial value.