Alkaline water to support healthy living cannot just be pure water with a high (alkaline pH). Alkaline pure water can be produced simply with an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH- ions). This can be achieved by splitting the water molecule with electrolysis: H2O –> H+ and OH-. This is the basis of water ionisers, touted to produce healthy alkaline water. However, this water very rapidly recombines back to its natural state – the neutral pH water molecule, and then acidifies through the natural incorporation of carbon dioxide from the air (CO2 + H20  H2CO3 which is carbonic acid). This happens to all water unless it is buffered. Water buffering occurs naturally through the addition of minerals, particularly carbonate and bicarbonate minerals that occur abundantly in soils and rock. Water will take on the character of the ground through which it filters. Some waters become highly alkaline and rich in natural minerals and ions and are naturally buffered to remain alkaline. There are a few of these water sources around the world and they have historically been attributed with natural healing properties.

An understanding of human physiology indicates why mineralized alkaline water has healing properties. As we eat and drink the digestive process is triggered and specialized cell in the stomach produce strong hydrochloric acid at a pH of around 1.5 to 2 which starts to break down the food. The stomach contents mix to produce a thick, acidic liquid mass called chyme. The chyme is then passed into the small intestine (duodenum) where absorption of the food nutrients and water begins. However, this absorption process can only take place in an alkaline environment, so the body must rapidly increase the pH of the chyme. It does this by using bicarbonate ions in the food and by releasing bicarbonate stores from the body. The bicarbonate ions also support the digestive action of enzymes secreted by the pancreas, the gall bladder and the intestine. Once your food has been converted to an alkaline liquid, the essential nutrients it contains can then be absorbed efficiently as it moves through the intestine.